Interview with Wes Compliments (Thanks!)

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When Wes Compliments was created a year ago, it was clear that it was set up to spread some good vibes. Amidst the general disgruntled feels on campus that correlated with need-blind financial aid issues, labor service controversies, chalking (?), and the diversity forum (which oddly centered on some dumb acb comments a.k.a. the opposite of Wes Compliments), it was nice to know that Wes people still liked and admired other Wes people (at least when they could express it anonymously on the Internet).

I wanted to meet with the Wes Compliments moderator because I was curious about the person behind such altruism, but ze preferred e-mail to preserve hir’s anonymity. Still cool. With 2,103 Facebook friends and counting, and well over 100 compliments posted, Wes Compliments is still going strong. Here’s a brief interview I had with the moderator of Wes Compliments:

Why’d you start Wes Compliments?
I thought it’d be awesome to do. It’s always nice to receive a compliment even if it’s from a stranger (especially if it’s from a stranger). Also, since it’s anonymous, you can give compliments without being shy or anything and it’ll get to the person no matter what.


What are some of your favorite Wes compliments?
All compliments are created equal.

What was your strategy for friending people on Facebook?
Going on Wesleyan University and adding about 200 people. Easy. Then, plant myself in other big pages like WesSquirrels, Wesleying, Argus, etc. The friends then came by themselves.

Have you ever had to reject someone’s Wes compliment?
Not really, just some that didn’t really make sense but I’d let the person know and the person would change it.


What was the most ‘liked’ compliment you posted?
The one about the maintenance crew or when we said farewell to a dean.

Are you the only moderator of Wes compliments or is Wes compliments a collective?
I am the sole moderator.

Has anyone ever posted a compliment about you (the moderator)?
Yes, quite a few, although I refrain from actually posting it on the page.

What do you think of other universities’ compliments sites?
Good for them! Its a good thing to have (but obviously, we’re the best).


What are the origins of all the compliments sites?
Queens University in Canada started it and Washington University in St. Louis was next. We were one of the original couple.

Have you been in contact with any of the moderators of the other compliments sites?
Yes! We have a group on facebook for all the moderators!

Have you (the moderator) written compliments about other people?
Of course!

Do you have plans to expand Wes compliments? Like through real life events, etc?
I have plans and will at some point. Look forward to them!


What do you think of wescrushes and wescam? What do you think sets Wes compliments apart from them?
They serve their purpose and people enjoy it. Wes Compliments I feel is a lot more open and straightforward.

What are some common trends you see in the compliments given?
I know a good amount of people on campus. Compliments are either for friends or for a secret admirer.

When (during the year) are the busiest times for Wes Compliments?
Can’t really say.

Do people ever write compliments about themselves?


What are your responsibilities with this site? How much time do you put into it?
Copy and paste compliments and make sure everything is kosher. Max 15 minutes a day. It was A LOT more when it first started. Now, it’s just going with the flow.

Do you ever post Wes compliments during class time?
Yes :)

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