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Fusion Dance Crew Auditions


From Eliza Sankar-Gorton ’15:

Wanna be a part of Wesleyan’s hottest co-ed hip hop dance group? FUSION Dance Crew is looking for new members to perform with us in our biannual showcases! Our style is made up of a mix of new school hip hop, street jazz, locking, popping, waacking, twerking, voguing and everything in between.

We will be having two auditions, and you only have to show up for one:

WesCFPA Brush & Blaze


From Miranda Linsky ’14:

WesCFPA (Connecticut Forest & Park Association) cordially invites you to the first trail maintenance outing of the semester!

Meet at Allbritton at 10:45 am. We will be back before brunch closes.

Wear clothes you don’t mind getting paint on!

Date: Sunday, Sept 22
Time: 11 am- 1 pm
Place: Highlawn Forest (only a 10-minute drive from Wesleyan)

WesStuffed Meeting


Laura “The Hess Truck’s Back and It’s Better than Ever” Hess ’16 knows you like instagramming pictures of your food:

WesStuffed, the Wes food blog, is having a meeting at Full House at 3 tomorrow. It’s open to any interested writers, editors, photographers, and foodies!

Date: Sunday, September 22
Time: 3pm
Place: Full House (202 Wash)

Game Night at Well-Being House

From Well-Being House:

Ever wanted to go out to a party and play drinking games without having to wake up with a hangover or try to puzzle-piece your evening back together? Ever wanted to play the drinking games your friends come back talking about, but don’t want to drink? Ever wanted to spend an evening playing ridiculous board games with your friends like you used to before people started expecting you to act like an “adult,” whatever that means?

Then come to Well Being House, 250 Court Street, Saturday, 9/21 at 8 PM (continuing on indefinitely…). We’ll be having our first all-campus program of the year: game night! 

WesDEF’s Queer Questions


From the WesDEFs:

Still confused about Queer Life at Wes?
Not sure what that term your friend keeps using actually means?
Just want to spend an hour talking about queer stuff?

If you answered yes to any of these, come to WesDEF’s (Wesleyan Diversity Education Facilitators) Queer Questions!

We will be leading several activities and facilitating a discussion about both Queer Life at Wes and about queerness more generally. If you missed BiLeGaTAs your freshman year or still had questions after it, this workshop can serve as a valuable complement to BiLeGaTAs, but is open to anyone and everyone!

Date: TODAY Sept 21
Time: 5PM to 6PM
Place: 41 Wyllys Room 112

Film Series: Soy Cuba

1964. Cuba/USSR. Dir: Mikhail Kalatozov. With Sergio Corrieri. 141 min.

Propaganda has never been so jaw-droppingly beautiful as in this Soviet-backed account of Cuban unrest. Feel free to jeer at Americans and join la revolucion – the four stories told here are certainly rousing enough – but the real star is the camera, which dances, glides, and spins its way into some sort of liberated/socialized ecstasy.

Tonight. 8pm. Goldsmith Family Cinema. Free.