Game Night at Well-Being House

From Well-Being House:

Ever wanted to go out to a party and play drinking games without having to wake up with a hangover or try to puzzle-piece your evening back together? Ever wanted to play the drinking games your friends come back talking about, but don’t want to drink? Ever wanted to spend an evening playing ridiculous board games with your friends like you used to before people started expecting you to act like an “adult,” whatever that means?

Then come to Well Being House, 250 Court Street, Saturday, 9/21 at 8 PM (continuing on indefinitely…). We’ll be having our first all-campus program of the year: game night! 

Part of the house will be devoted to non-alcoholic drinking games—Kings, Beer Pong, Flip Cup, all played with non-alcoholic beverages while the other will be set up to take advantage of our extensive collection of board games (Life, Monopoly, Twister, and many more, including any games you want to bring yourself). Come to practice, learn, or teach any of your favorite games. Stop by for a few minutes or stay all night.

Well Being House is a program house dedicated to substance-free, healthy living. Some other fun programs you can expect to hear more about later in the semester are yoga sessions, fall-themed baking, and open discussions about what it means to be substance-free and still have a good time in the college environment. We hope to see you Saturday!

Date: TONIGHT Sept 21
Time: 9PM to 1AM
Place: Well-Being House (250 Court Street)

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