Big Tusk, Dead Babe, and Featherwood Bee at Eclectic

From John Ryan ’14:

The second coming of Big Tusk is upon us! Starting at 9PM on Thursday at Eclectic.

Miss the Tusk at Farm House last year? You hear the names Sam Long ’12 and Howe Pearson ’12 and you think oh man those guys are awesome?

Headlining the show is Big Tusk, comprising of Sam Long (guitar), Howe Pearson (drums) and David Thompson (keyboards). All these guys went to Wesleyan and were mainstays of the campus music scene. They now reside in West Philadelphia, taking Big Tusk to masses. Big Tusk Music: here.

Opening acts include:

Dead Babe featuring Gabe Greenberg ’14 and Noah Rush ’14. Music: here.
Featherwood Bee featuring Kelly Lee ’14, Adam Johnson ’14, and John Ryan ’14. Music: here.

Date: Sept 26
Time: 9PM to midnight
Place: Eclectic

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