Gays, Guns & Gaga: A Talk with Professor Craig Willse, Thursday 9/26


Virgil Taylor ’15 shoots us this message about a talk by Professor Craig Willse of George Mason University, happening tomorrow:

What are the possibilities for queer anti-imperialist, anti-war politics in an age of gay military inclusion and the prosecution of Chelsea Manning? How can forms of counter-cultural identity multiply and thrive when Lady Gaga keeps telling us we were born this way? This talk will argue that contemporary pro-military and pro- war nationalisms rely on naturalizing and universalizing gayness. Drawing from queer Palestinian activism around Israeli pinkwashing, the talk will suggest how partial, specific, and denaturalized forms of identification might challenge the new normalizing of endless, imperial war.

Date: Thursday, September 26
Time: 4:30 PM
Place: Allbritton 311

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