Wesleyan Hip Hop Festival Vol. 1 @ BuHo (Feat. New School & Surprise Guests from R.A.W.)

Courtesy of Justin Friedman ’16:

A fun night at Buddhist House celebrating Wesleyan’s emerging hip hop


Surprise guests from R.A.W. (Rap Assembly Wesleyan)

NEW SCHOOL: Wesleyan’s own Hip hop group that fuses the nostalgia of
jazz with modern hip hop logics. Inspired by the beats of J-Dilla, MF
DOOM, Kanye West, Nujabes and others…

William Speiser – Bass
Riley Loftus- Drummer
Rhys Langston Podell – Rapper
Gin Mason Shillingford- Vocals
Justin Friedman – Guitar, Strings
Kai Leshne- Rapper
Adam Rochelle – Keyboard

Date: Saturday, October 5th
Time: 9:30PM –1:00AM
Place: Buddhist House (356 Wash)
Cost: Free

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