Mid-Semester Procrastination Destination; Betty’s Instructional Dance Video

We got a few tips in our tipbox about this, and also an e-mail from junior “Betty” who composed this song and video. Ze would like to remain anonymous for now, and is using this mesmerizing/weird video to promote hir upcoming EP. Here’s the shout out, Betty! Maybe this will become the new ironic dance move at our school.

Also, I am taking this opportunity to post some more links; it’s a mid-semester Procrastination Destination! I’m not the biggest proponent of Internet procrastination, but since you’re doing it anyway, here are some links:

Calming Manatee – pictures of manatees and supportive phrases
The Artist is Here – a video game version of a Marina Abramovic piece
Let’s Play Ancient Greek Punishment –  for masochists and/or people who liked the Odyssey
Bad kid jokes – What is the secret ingrediant of a toilot?
Garfield Minus Garfield – surreal and hilarious
AOLer Translator – This program turns “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy” into “THEIR R MORE THNGS IN HAAEVN AND AARTH HORATIO THAN R DREMT OF IN UR PHILOSOPHY11!!! WTF” w00t. Lynx_lynx_poing
Did You Know – random (but maybe useful one day) facts
Yawn – Challenge: Try to read this article without yawning.
White people with braids – self-explanatory
For ganj enthusiasts – separating strains through different characteristic filters
Bubble spinner – popping bubbles
Upworthy – a bunch of videos about “things that matter”
This Ellen Show clip – 3 yr old girl dances to Beyonce with her mom on the Ellen show.
I waste so much time – just a bunch of posts that will probably waste your time
The Useless Web – a random website generator that will take you somewhere fun
Mapcrunch – will show you a random place on Google street view. really cool.
Boing Boing –  a web zine dedicated to the “weird, wonderful and wicked things to be found in technology and culture”
Zach Schonfeld ’13‘s Atlantic Wire author page – if you want to read some real articles by a real journalist
Mashable – really good at aggregating the stuff that’s trending and important
The Onion – They’re funny
“PONPONPON” by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Probably the best music video I’ve ever seen. Also check out “CANDY CANDY” and everything else she’s done.

That is all (for now). Now get off your computer for 10 minutes and stretch or something. Or order a pair of dumbbells so you can do some light weights while you read. It’s pretty relaxing! Good luck with midterms, and most importantly, take care of your health!

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