The Fall 2013 Study Abrog Collection

Super awkward misunderstandings, beautiful sunsets, getting lost, delicious food, weird food, really weird food, astounding historical sites, new friends, new language, cathedrals/temples/churches/mosques, legally drinking (and then sadly returning home to realize you’re still 20….), self exploration, art, culture, life outside the Wes bubble.


Dear Wesleyan friends, it’s time now to take a break from your midterms and spend some time musing over the blogged adventures of your peers studying abroad.  There’s currently a couple hundred juniors scattered across the globe covering all continents except, well do people study abroad to Antarctica? If so let me know, that’s awesome.

While it’s now easier than ever to stay in touch with Facebook, e-mail, sexy Viber messages, and even snap chat, these students have decided to share their experiences with you by way of blog. And I must say, of the very long history of Wesleying collecting abrogs (abloags?), this fall 2013 collection is particularly nice.  From poetry to breathtaking photos, life changing moments and really silly stories, I’m sure you will not be disappointed.  So read on for a little vicarious living from your friends, acquaintances, that kid you had class with once, or maybe just a random person you’ve never met at all. Besides, maybe you’ll find a cute junior to crush on, stalk their blog all semester and then actually meet them once they return in January. There’s no pick up line creepier and more fantastic than “I loved what you wrote about cultural differences on your blog, I totally agree. Wanna make out?”

Also! if you too are abroad this semester and have a blog to share, or perhaps have a friend with an abrog, by all means send us an email to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org with the link and a subject line reading “Study Abroad Blog”. Then we will add it to this post and you too will receive Wesleying abrog fame and glory…


Elijah Stevens ’15 This blog is a collection of artful high-definition photos, videos and best of all, haikus. Absolutely beautifully captures living and studying in….where? This blog could be set almost anywhere. But I’ll give you a hint, it’s Bolivia.

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 5.50.42 PM

Kate Gibbel ’15– Ahhhh Paris. Kate’s blog is filled with photos of art, gardens and fantastic French food. Plus there’s some fun stories of happening things and a few really great rants.  This girl has opinions, even if it’s just about bikes.


Eriq Robinson ’15–  If you’ve ever wondered how people in China would react to a black kid with dreadlocks, look no further. This weekly updated blog is a totally hilarious collection of stories, dumpling photos, and most interestingly, audio recordings.  Because Q knows you’ve always wanted to know what visiting the Great Wall sounds like. You’ll laugh your way through every single post because Eriq in China is as much of a riot as we all expected, maybe more.




Paulina Jones-Torregrosa ’15– Paulina takes on all the sights and scenes of Madrid.  From trying new food, to gathering a crowd of people to watch her play piano, her adventures and misadventures give a true glimpse of life in the Spanish capital.


Penina Kessler ’15 -With the very entertaining “Shit Danish Guys Say” and trying to do one new thing every day, Penina’s Copenhagen blog is a really fun read.  The format lets you skip around and pick which posts you find interesting (all of them). Also she’s visited Berlin, where she wrote this moving, emotional post and also Amsterdam where she put up a list of things she ate. Yum.



 Rina Kremer ’15 This blog is a fantastic collage of photos and stories tracking Rina as she eats (and drinks) her way through her semester abroad in Japan.  Her stories nicely illustrate the ups and downs of living in a new culture. Ladies will especially sympathize with this no tampon post.


Tavo True-Alcala ’15 – This blog starts with pretty typical “here’s what I’ve been up to while in Denmark” abrog posts (which of course are not at all typical and still very exciting). However the surprising twist comes as he switches the blog to tumblr and begins to add brilliant quotations and amazing poetry.

“If you’re sitting there eating peanuts it’s somehow easier to talk to people you don’t know”
-probably Sune.

Nina Gerona ’15Awkward self promotion alert! This is my blog which is in its second year archiving my adventures in Bali, Indonesia. While I’m not technically “studying abroad” in the traditional sense  I am working at an organic chocolate factory made of bamboosummiting lots of volcanoes and visiting temples so I guess that can be fun to read about.


Becca Wilton ’15- This blog is another take on the wonderful city of Paris as seen by an art history major, magnifique! Also there’s an incredible French music video with naked ladies, so you’ll want to check it out.

peasant women

Austin Barvin ’15- This St. Petersburg blog has so many wonderful posts it’s hard to know where to start.  #1 The photos are great.  I like these ones in particular. #2 Hilarious language mishaps. #3 Russia is not a particularly easy place to live.  But if anything the experiences are worth it for us to read about things like Cabbage Day.

sunset flautas

Willa Beckman ’15
Spanglish filled explorations of Mexico with lots of photos of beaches and food.  This blog is super honest, hilarious, heartfelt and has some great bullet point lists.

So keep on bloggin’ bloggers! And for everyone else, get readin’.

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