A Capella Tonight in Olin: The Cardinal Sinners & The Ford S-Chords (from Haverford)

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Lauren Seo ’14 writes in:

“Need a pre-fall break break from all your midterms or an excuse not to think about how awful life will be when we return??

We’ve got visitors!!! The Ford S-Chords from Haverford! And they look cute and they’ll be staying the night so come scope em out…

We also have some new group members and some new sounds so come to hear that as well!!! We’ve added a little choral to our sass and we think you’ll like it.

Come to OLIN LOBBY, THIS SATURDAY at 7PM for a quickie before you drink your sorrows/ drown them in your textbooks… Lets face it you might be in there anyway.

Date: Today, Saturday, October 12
Time: 7-8:00 p.m.
Location: Olin Lobby
Cost: Free!
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