Wes EON GreenScene is Back (and on Wesleying)

Green scene

There’s a lot going on at Wesleyan. We all know that, it’s part of what makes this place so amazing. We also know that it’s hard to stay connected to all the groups, clubs, events, and scenes that you want to be a part of while also juggling class, homework(?), going to the grilled cheese cart at least 3 times a week, and hitting the gym in an attempt to stay looking like you only go once or twice a week.  We also know that Wes students love to be good citizens; to each other, to Wesleyan, and hopefully, to the Earth as a whole. We aim high.

Because we know this is a lot to do, we are here to help. We want to help you stay up to date on all of the awesome and important environmental going ons and happenings on campus. So, we’re MORE than happy to tell you that the GreenScene is BACK and better than ever! Looking for a way to fill a Friday afternoon while also attempting to keep your carbon footprint from looking like Shaq’s shoe? Want a few energy saving tips to help relieve some of the guilt from that 20 minute shower you took the other day? Want to get involved with a great group of people on campus? The GreenScene is here to help!

Put out by Wesleyan’s Environmental Organizers Network (EON), the GreenScene is an environmental newsletter that organizes a green calendar for all groups and clubs hosting environmental events to add to, and spot lights some of the great events that have happened or are happening on campus. In this week’s issue you can learn more about Do It In The Dark (otherwise known as the event preceded by the super mysterious yellow numbers on every wood frame and program house door) or about a rally that took place in support of defunding the dirty Keystone XL Pipeline.

We are so excited to be a new addition to the amazing Wesleying blogosphere, check us out here whenever we put out a new issue! Questions/concerns/additions/thoughts/want to write an e-mail to take a break from midterms? Feel free to contact us at weseon[at]gmail[dot]com. Also check us out on Facebook (Wes Eon GreenScene) and Instagram (weseongreenscene)!

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