The Fourth Forum: Privilege, Culture, Ethnicity, Religion, and Policy at Wesleyan


Tomorrow, Monday, October 28th from 7 – 9 PM in Allbritton 311LaNell Williams ’15 and Kayla Reiman ’14 will be facilitating the fourth of the Privilege and Policy at Wesleyan discussion series. Culture, ethnicity, and religion often fall through the cracks of conversations about privilege at Wesleyan, even though our student body comes from myriad different backgrounds that affect their time here. Wesleyan’s policies about both big topics like self-expression and the academic curriculum, and smaller (but no less important) issues like housing preferences and class attendance policies for holidays, tend to cater to a secular, white, middle-class, Northeastern American student. We aim to create a space to talk about the many different facets of identity that affect the Wesleyan experience and how policies can be changed to reflect our multicultural student body. Please join us tomorrow evening for the discussion!

With comments or questions, please email nupdegrove[at]wesleyan[dot]edu.

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