Seminars on Reading and Writing: Day II


Courtesy of Ford Fellow Piers Gelly ’13, the tall and compelling:

John Cheever wrote, “A good page of prose remains invincible.” Interested in attaining such invincibility? Come discuss your creative and academic writing in a pair of seminars with the Writing Programs’ Graduate Fellows and undergrad tutors.

4:30 p.m. — How to tear apart your paper, with Ford Fellow Savannah Whiting ’13

Drop by for some guidelines for editing efficiently and turning your draft into a great final piece.

6:00 p.m. — How to read and write a sentence, with Taylor Steele ’14

We will look at selections from great writers—David Foster Wallace, Joan Didion, and Virginia Woolf—and consider what makes their voices so beguiling.

Drop by for one or both workshops. Refreshments both sweet and savory will be provided.

Date: Tuesday, October 29
Time: 4:30 PM; 6:00 PM
Place: Downey 113

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