Library Book Sale Ends Tomorrow

2013 book sale photo

From library assistant Jennifer Hadley:

This Sunday is the last chance to get books from this fall’s library book sale.

Please give a  good home to the remaining books from the Friends of the Wesleyan Library book sale.  The books are both in Olin Lobby and in a red curtained area in the center of the first floor stacks (follow the blue trail from the lobby).  They will be yours for .50 cents each or you can take home a whole box for $7 (help yourself to boxes under the table) —  or whatever you can afford.  Pay on the honor system by putting the money in the honor box on the shelf outside Smith Reading Room.  Student groups are welcome to take as many books as they want for a good cause.

The books will remain in Olin Lobby until Monday morning, at which point they will be picked up for sale or donation elsewhere.

Many, many thanks to the freshmen of the Wesleyan lacrosse team who volunteered to move thousands of books for the Friends on Friday evening and extra thanks to the two team members who came out to help us on Saturday morning at 8 a.m.!

All proceeds help the Friends of the Wesleyan Library present programs such as lectures and films and support library projects to preserve  and make the library collections more accessible.

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