Swordfish Doula, Loren Benjamin, & Jay Stolar @ BuHo

From Siri Carr ’15:

Strap on those dancing shoes and groove on over to BuHo this Saturday night for an aural experience you won’t forget. At 10pm we will be graced with the WORLD PREMIERE of Swordfish Doula (composed of the illustrious Jared Geilich ’15 and Brent Packer ’15). At 10:30pm we will rest our tired bodies to sway arm in arm to the soulful crooning of Loren Benjamin, and when the clock strikes 11, we will all bow down to the brilliance that is Jay Stolar – the glorious voice of our generation (see ya later, Miley). It’s bound to be a poppin’ lineup so cancel those lame Saturday night plans now and start making the trek to BuHo (just kidding, it’s not THAT far).


Swordfish Doula
Swordfish Doula is a synth-pop acou-step duo of 2 charming multi-instrumentalists. Through their melodies of grandeur, Jared Geilich and Brent Packer will convert Buddhist House into a jammin dance hall. Their lyrics will allow you to rediscover your hidden desires — love, love of your friend’s attractive mom, love of having a polar bear best friend. Swordfish Doula has been called “the next Das Racist”. Are they? Yes.

Loren Benjamin
Loren Benjamin is a 23-year old singer-songwriter born in New York City. His musical influences come from the 60?s and the 70?s and if you are from New York you may have seen Loren perform at one of the local downtown bars. Loren plays the guitar and the piano writing melodic songs that hopefully touch your heart.

Jay Stolar
This New Yorker and former lead singer in Julius C writes and records and plays just about everything on his brilliant, sophisticated, soulful, pop-rock debut. Think Todd Rundgren’s early R&B excursions. Hall & Oates circa “She’s Gone” (off of Abandoned Luncheonette). More organic than Bruno Mars and Prince. Stolar fashions his own brand of contemporary pop/soul with folk overtones notable for its intelligence and meticulous craftsmanship. His falsetto vocals turn a chorus hook into an irresistible piece of ear candy. Damn.

Date: Saturday, Nov 9
Time: 10PM
Place: Buddhist House

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