Powder Puff Football Game

Wesleyan Relay for Life is holding its first ever Powder Puff Football Game! Come watch girls tackle each other on the field and support a great cause! Attendance is free, but we will be selling refreshments, Homecoming tank tops and donations are always welcome! Support the American Cancer Society and watch the great American sport get girly.

Date: Sunday, Nov 10
Time: 1PM to 2PM
Place: Bottom of Foss

  • Title 9

    As wary as I am about criticizing an event whose intent is to raise money for cancer research, I don’t love “girls tackling each other” as a hilarious, utterly-comedic take on “real” football, or the weird sexual undertones.

  • not on the same page

    “Women’s Athletics” feels fundamentally different to me than “watching girls tackle each other”

  • Woof

    I liked it better when our endowment was down.

  • ummmm

    Well, this is problematic.

    • wow

      yeah the timing is also pretty ridiculous
      this is also not a good way to support cancer research.