Sexy Time: Gettin’ Wordy and Talkin’ Dirty

From WesWell:

WesWell and the Peer Health Advocates are bringing Megan Andelloux back!

-Looking for a more perfect union of you and your partners’ desires?
-Trying to figure out what gets you off and how to say that to your partner?
-Interested in exploring what ethical sexuality might look like?

Improve your SEXY TIME with fun new phrases. Learn more about consent in and out the bedroom. Come for a great talk and awesome sex toys. You will be very satisfied.

Date: Monday, Nov 11
Time: 7PM to 9PM
Place: Memorial Chapel

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2 thoughts on “Sexy Time: Gettin’ Wordy and Talkin’ Dirty

  1. Chris

    What a boatload of tuition money will get you… Just cuz you’re expensive doesn’t mean you ain’t cheap. Keep throwing away your money Wesleyan parents/idiots.

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