Wes EON GreenScene, Issue 3

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If you haven’t already, be sure to check out this week’s issue of GreenScene to learn about the divestment resolution passed through the WSA, to find some environmentally relevant articles of the week, and to get more info on campus sustainability.

Heard of the Arctic 30? Well did you know that one of our Wes Alums was recently imprisoned for acts of peaceful protest? From our newsletter:

“Earlier last month Wes alum Dima Litvinov ’86 and twenty-nine other Greenpeace activists were arrested in Russia for protesting offshore oil drilling. The activists, known as the Arctic 30, were initially arrested after two of their members attempted to climb an offshore oil rig, the Prirazlomnaya, to hang an anti-drilling banner. The Prirazlomnaya is the first offshore oil rig to drill in the Arctic, which gives environmentalists particular concern given the Arctic’s unique climate and biodiversity. Initially the Arctic 30 was charged with piracy; after public outcry over the piracy charges, Russia has promised to change the alleged offense to hooliganism, which still carries a potential seven year prison sentence. On Nov. 6th the International Tribunal for the Law of the Seas began hearing the Arctic 30’s case.”

Check out our blog for the full article.

If you haven’t seen the rankings from the first Do It In The Dark data reading, take a look to find how your house did! Here are the top 5 of each division:

1. 58 Fountain
2. 42 Fountain
3. 55 Home
4. 126/128 Knowles (you’re on the same meter)
5. 9 Huber

Program Housing:
1. Asian/Asian-American House
2. Buddhist House
3. Open House
4. Out House
5. Bayit

Also don’t forget to pencil these exciting upcoming events into your calendar:

Thursday, November 14 – A lecture about how the world can shift to 100% renewable resources by 2030 at Middlesex college. Details here.

Saturday, November 23/Sunday, November 24 – Hands Off Appalachia Action Camp. (Get in touch with Aly at araboff[at]wesleyan[dot]edu if you’re interested!)

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