GIS Day Scavenger Hunt


The adventurous Sarah Lerman-Sinkoff ’14 presents:

Move aside Thanksgiving, International Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Day is coming this November 20th!!!! GIS is a mapping software package that allows users to overlay and analyze spatial
data. Want to learn how GIS is used in conservation, archeology, geomorphology, public health, and the occasional Marxist? Hold on to your safari hats, because you’re in for a wild ride!

At 2:45, the first clue to a GIS-themed scavenger hunt will be posted to the Facebook page. Go by yourself or with a team, making sure one of you has a smartphone to ping locations of clues to Google Maps along the way. If you successfully navigate our series of geography themed challenges, we’ll be waiting at the last location to check your waypoints and enter you into a raffle for a prize!

Go forth and geoprocess!

Co-Sponsored by Prof. Kim Diver’s Intro to GIS class and the Outhouse

Date: Wednesday, November 20th
Time: 2:45-4pm
Location: Many!
Cost: Free!

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