Wesleyan Thinks BIG: Fall 2013

1395324_10202528092544046_1658586194_nThe excitable Wayne Ng ’16, folks:


5 professors will each give a ten-minute lecture on an idea that keeps them up at night, inspiring us to think bigger and better than ever before. So Wesleyan, are you ready to think BIG this semester?

Tickets for this event are FREE and are being distributed through the Box Office NOW! Tickets have gone quickly in the past, so snap ’em up. This event is open to the Middletown, alumni, and parent communities.
2 TICKETS PER PERSON – get one for your friend, roomie, mom, dad, estranged relative, pet rock, etc.!!!

SARAH MAHURIN (English): “What We Talk About When We Talk About Clothes”
MEREDITH HUGHES (Astronomy): “Life in the Universe”
JONATHAN CUTLER (Sociology): “What’s Left? An Unrequited Politics of Pleasure”
ANDREA ROBERTS (Chemistry): “Jury Duty, Stem Cells and Global Warming: The Importance of a Science in the Liberal Arts Education”
TUSHAR IRANI (COL): “The Value of Learning”

WHERE: Memorial Chapel (and a post-game reception with food in Zelnick)
DATE: Wednesday, November 20th
TIME: 8-9:30PM
COST: Free hundred dollars.

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4 thoughts on “Wesleyan Thinks BIG: Fall 2013

    1. Samira

      There currently is no Wes Thinks Big video for Fall 2012, but we’ll be sure to include it in a post somehow if we find out there is one!

    1. Samira

      Yep! WesPregame is recording it and will put it up on Youtube.

      It may also be livestreamed on Wesleying but we’re still working that out.

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