Breaking: Gunman on Yale Campus, Campus on Lockdown

Wesleying will provide updates as able.

At 10:50AM, a message was sent out to the Yale community placing the campus on lockdown. The following message was sent out:

Text message to the Yale Community, November 25 – 10:50 a.m.
Reports of person with gun on Central Campus. SHELTER IN PLACE until further notice.

The gunman was confirmed to be on campus just after 11AM, with Yale Police, New Haven Police, and State Police on the Yale campus searching for the gunman. Yale Daily News reports that the gunman was confirmed to be on Yale’s Old Campus, and New Haven Independent reports that the university was tipped off by a caller at 9:30AM saying that his roommate was armed and headed to campus to “shoot up the area.” Police stated that the caller had called anonymously through a pay phone, and have yet to identify the caller.

Currently, Yale Police and SWAT teams are currently performing searches across campus, starting with residential campus areas. While searches continue, the campus remains on lockdown. Streets surrounding Yale’s Old Campus are currently closed down.

Update message to the Yale Community, November 25, 1:45 p.m.
Out of an abundance of caution, Police will be doing a room to room search starting with the residential college areas. Shelter in Place continues.

There have been numerous reported sightings of a gunman on campus, as well as many police officers and SWAT teams. There are also reports of a standoff between the gunman and police, though no reports of shots fired. They have not yet released a description of the gunman, as reports coming in of descriptions have not been consistent.

Yale University is currently on Thanksgiving break and classes are not set to resume until December 2nd.


Update at 3:10PM: From
Update message to the Yale Community, November 25 – 3:10 pm

“Shelter-in-place/lock-down lifted, with the exception of Old Campus and Calhoun College. More info to follow by email.”

Update at 3:45PM: In a press conference at 3:45PM, New Haven Police Chief Esserman said that the caller and the gunman are both most likely not Yale students, and that the Old Campus is going to be searched thoroughly. The attention to the Old Campus stemmed from a second informant that saw a person with a weapon on the Old Campus—it is unsure as to whether this particular person with a weapon was a police officer or not. FBI, Connecticut State Police, Yale Police, and New Haven Police are still all on campus. The lockdown on Calhoun College has been lifted, leaving Old Campus the remaining part of campus still on lockdown.

Update at 4:30PM: “It’s starting to tilt in the direction of an innocent mistake,” said New Haven Police Chief Esserman, and that “We are beginning to think that may have been a police officer.” (Source)

Update at 4:40PM: Shelter-in-place/lockdown is now lifted for the entire campus.

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6 thoughts on “Breaking: Gunman on Yale Campus, Campus on Lockdown

  1. and?

    Wait so how does it end? Was there a real gunman or not? Could this be the second false alarm gunman-on-campus scare in CT in two weeks (after what happened at CCSU in New Britain?

  2. Finally

    It has been a while since we’ve seen good posts this semester. Can someone cover the terrible ride online tracker and their inability to pick up their phones?

    1. wow

      RE: both comments here. so a potential tragedy is a “good post” here? the other posts are fantastic, in my opinion. very informative and representative of what’s mattered at Wesleyan lately. if you care so much about a “ride online tracker” then…why don’t you do something about it?

      1. Finallly

        Hey Wesleyan stranger,
        Some clarifications, I say “good post” out of reference to the quality of writing. Not out of celebrating a tragedy, that would be silly. Telling Wesleying, one of my favorite Wes news sources, that there is a potential problem with the ride is my way of doing something. Perhaps I’ll get more involved later, but thanks for your suggestion!!

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