Feature Film in MA Looking for Party Extras


From Stefan Skripak ’13:

Do you like to party? Are you looking for something to do the day before Thanksgiving? Do you want to be in a feature length movie? Well then you are in luck! There is a Wes-alum-produced feature film shooting in Berkshire County Massachusetts , and we want you to be an extra in it.

The film is an apocalyptic teen thriller set in an elite boarding school at a time of complete economic collapse. Produced by Pat Lee ’09 and directed by one-time Wesleyan student Ted Marcus, the film stars Lindsay Keys ’11 and Anthony Nikolchev ’08 along-side actors from A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Twilight Saga, ABC’s Revenge and the Dark Knight Rises.
So here is where you come in: on Wednesday November 27th, we are filming a licentious masquerade party scene set in a stone-walled tomb, and we are looking for tons of student extras to populate it. It will be a long day and the work is unpaid, however I will guarantee you will be fed, and have a completely unforgettable time.

Our start time is still undecided, but by emailing and expressing interest, you will be placed on a mailing list to find out specifics
as soon as we know!

So, if you are interested in dressing up and getting down in an awesome movie, email likelambsextras[at]gmail[dot]com or call (413) 528-1542 for details on where to come and what to bring. 18+ only please!

Facebook Event.

Date: Wednesday, November 27
Time: 7 a.m.
Place: Berkshire County, MA

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