Wes EON GreenScene, Issue 4

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If you haven’t already, be sure to check out this week’s issue of GreenScene to learn about Greenvolved (a way to get active but still be cuddled up in bed), to find some environmentally relevant articles of the week, and to get more info on campus sustainability and how to get involved.

Missed the chance to go the renewable energy talk at Middlesex? Well here’s what happened. From our newsletter:

Over 100 attendees were at Middlesex Community College on November 14th for the “Power Without Pollution: 100% Renewable Energy Worldwide In 17 Years – Or Sooner!” event. Stanford Professor Mark Jacobson detailed a plan via Skype for a renewable energy mix (wind, geothermal, wave and solar) that could meet or exceed U.S. energy demand. Jeremy Brecher, writer for The Nation, answered questions (also via Skype) from the audience afterwards, clarifying questions about what was a very technical presentation. Several Wesleyan students were in attendance, as well as Jen Kleindienst–our very own Sustainability Coordinator–and Dan Fischer ’12 of Capitalism vs. the Climate, one of the organizing sponsors of the event.

The next Power Without Pollution event will be held on December 3rd, with more details to come. Fischer mentioned that the events are meant to “bring renewable energy into the mainstream,” with a conference planned for the Spring to revitalize renewable energy projects in Connecticut.

Were you involved in the JouleBug competition? Here are the long-awaited for results, congrats to these top 5 teams:
1. Barnacles
2. The Joule Thugs
3. Team Get ‘Em
4. Science Hall Saves the Planet
5. Queen Bee

Also don’t forget to pencil these exciting upcoming events into your calendar:

Wednesday, December 4 – Sweater Days! Be sure to turn down your thermostat 2 degrees and wear your ugliest (greatest) sweater to Usdan to get hot cocoa in a reusable mug! HEAT DOWN and LAYER UP.

Check out our blog for more info.

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