Espwesso Wants You!

A Message from Samantha Sikder ’14:
LOVE ESPWESSO? CREATIVELY INCLINED? Need something to do for the next six weeks? DESIGN THE NEW ESPWESSO LOGO!
Espwesso is feeling outdated – we are looking for a new logo to represent our café!
The text of the logo should simply be “Espwesso”, but the rest of the design is up to you! The logo will be used in the café itself, on our posters, and on upcoming merch projects such as mugs and staff t-shirts.
The creator of the selected submission will receive a substantial (coffee-related) prize to be determined by management as well as eternal glory/bragging rights.
Submissions can be sent to jmasand[at]wesleyan[dot]edu or ssikder[at]wesleyan[dot]edu! We will be choosing the new logo at the beginning of next semester, so get your design in before then.
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