JouleBug Sustainability Contest Winners

joulebug-1From the organizers of the JouleBug sustainability contest:

The JouleBug sustainability contest wrapped up on November 24. With more than twenty teams representing eighty individuals, we had more than fifteen individuals rack up more than one thousand points, gaining them top standing on the national JouleBug leader board.  Perhaps more than the extraordinary performance of our top leaders, we had more than fifty-five individuals Buzz more than 100 points.

#1 winning team with 2168 points:  “Barnacles” captained by Julianne Green ’14.  All members will get $30 in Middletown cash.
#2 winning team with 1547 points: “The Joule Thugs” captained by Ari Lewenstein ’16.  All members will get $25 in Middletown cash.

The team that had fewer than 400 points on Nov. 22 and improved the most in the final three days of the contest was WOCOHO, captained by Crystal Rogers ’16.  They will get a home baked care package during reading/finals week

The single largest point-scoring individual was Katherine Lu ’15 with 2310 points.  She will get a guest pass to Spring Fling.The two best pictures were posted by Inés Parmentier VINT and Sarah Bessey ’14 who both got JouleBug reusable water bottles.

The contest was a terrific success for all of the participants and for Wesleyan.  We’ll have to run the numbers to see how much money we generated for financial aid, but without a doubt we helped raise awareness, created enthusiasm for every day sustainable actions, and had fun!

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