Procrastination Destination: TLC’s My Strange Addiction Series

bellenewsOkay so first of all, I would like to apologize in advance because I am about to freak you out a little. This isn’t even “the weird part of YouTube”, but still pretty weird. Unfortunately I am also familiar with the really weird part of YouTube but I will not traumatize you with child birth videos (do not watch them, or you will cry) or tutorials on how to use a blow up doll (also might make you cry).

So last week I came across TLC’s “My Strange Addiction” videos on YouTube. I really do not remember how, “the recommended videos” part on the right side is like a black hole; it just sucks me right in and I find myself having spent an hour watching completely random videos on YouTube.

So, My Strange Addiction is a documentary series focusing on abnormal compulsive behaviors, obviously all you need to watch while you should be writing a paper on Hegel. I honestly don’t know if  some of them are even real….Like, how do you think TLC finds these people? Do they contact TLC and say something like “Hello yes I am addicted to drinking pig blood, hmu” ? I mean, I guess…

So here we go. This is one of my favorites because I actually relate to this woman:

(I used to take a pillow to school during senior year of high school so that I could sleep in the library. I feel you Tamara.)



Meet Riley. She is a 25 year old addicted to acting like an infant.

And here is a man who is in an “intimate relationship” with Chase, his car.




There is also “Davecat“, who is in a committed relationship with a silicone life-size doll. He has also acquired another one, who is his new mistress. And the three of them are apparently living happily ever after.



There are a lot of videos on people who are addicted to eating strange things. Some examples are: sand, rocks, face mask, plastic things, couch cushion, drywall, glass, cigarette ashes, hair follicles and toilet paper. The list goes on…

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 7.13.09 PM


There are so many of these videos and I encourage you all to take a look at at least a few. Because why not, right? It’s finals week and we’ve all gone a bit crazy anyways.


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