The snow storm that usually wreaks havoc in October seems to be coming for CT right when we’re all supposed to go home, SO your travel plans may be delayed if you plan to leave some time on Saturday.

On the plus side, University housing isn’t closing until Monday, December 16 at noon. From Res Life, the great bureaucratic power that still isn’t telling me if I can move into my new room or not:

As you may know, there is a winter storm forecast for Connecticut on Saturday afternoon into Sunday morning.  We know that most students will have completed exams and will be able to leave campus prior to the beginning of the storm.  For those students whose travel plans are impacted by the storm, we are extending the closing time for University housing until Monday, December 16 at noon.

The Usdan marketplace will be open for three two meals on Saturday as well as breakfast from 10am-noon on Sunday. Weshop will be open from 2-6pm. on Saturday.  If you think your departure from campus may be delayed, we encourage you to plan ahead by getting to Weshop before the storm as the dining halls will not be open after Sunday at noon.

WesWings is open today but will be closed tomorrow and Sunday; Red & Black is open today and tomorrow but closed Sunday.

Meanwhile, when you are leaving, make sure to do this stuff so you save energy and $$$:

1.    Close and lock all your windows.

2.    Set your heat to 60 degrees (if you can control it). Do NOT turn the heat off.

3.    Turn off power strips or unplug all electronics, chargers and small kitchen appliances.  Do NOT unplug refrigerators [hm, although I personally think unplugging mini-fridges as long as you take all the food out and clean things properly would be the best thing to do].

4.    Empty your trash, recycling and compost bins. Rinse compost bins and leave ajar.

5.    Before the last person leaves, check to make sure to turn all lights off!

Side note, Wesleying will be a bit slow over winter break because we’ll be hibernating in front of our computers. However, if you have any tips about Wesleyan related stuff or are doing something really awesome over break and want us to write a post about the cool stuff Wes students do over winter break (that’s a deec feature idea actually), then e-mail us at staff[at]wesleying[dot]org. Good luck with work if you still have it. Otherwise, HAVE A GREAT BREAK.

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