Writing Programs Announce New Science Writing Course


Calling all fans of Radiolab, Oliver Sacks, and this terrifying article about immortal jellyfish:

Writing Programs is thrilled to present WRCT 221, Writing about Science and Other Specialized Topics: A Journalistic Perspective, taught by Visiting Writer Rebecca Knight ’98. 

This seminar teaches students—both scientists and non-scientists—how to become more effective writers. Students will learn the basics of news reporting and feature writing, including the best ways to develop ideas, how to efficiently conduct research, how to organize information, how to ask effective questions, and how to craft different types of articles and essays on deadline. While science journalism is the course’s primary focus, students will also explore reportage in other specialized subjects such as business, education, technology, and politics.

Written assignments will involve interviews, reports on scientific studies, reviews of new technologies, opinion pieces, and an extensive final essay/article. Students will finish the course with a portfolio of strong, workshopped writing.

Students interested in a place in the course should write directly to Professor Knight at rknight[at]wesleyan[dot]edu.

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