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Anything But Coke – Protest for LGBT Rights


From Jeff Kasanoff ’15:

On Sunday, January 26, 2014 at 1:30 P.M, Anything But Coke, a campaign we started over the break, is organizing a peaceful protest for Wesleyan students to come together to speak out against the injustices in Russia and the corporations that support them.

This past June, President Vladimir Putin of Russia signed into law a bill banning the public support of the LGBT community. Since then, violent hate crimes against the LGBT community have dramatically increased. Now, there is talk of a bill to take children away from same sex parents – who up until now have been living openly and peacefully. LGBT citizens have been forced to flee the country.

Audition for TREES!


From Alexandra Stovicek ’17:

Come auditions for TREES! An original musical!

TREES tells the story of a single day at a fictional New England summer camp Structured as a series of letters home, TREES follows the trials and tribulations of a group of campers and counselors trying to make the most of their summer by whatever means possible. With an
acoustic, folk score filled with campfire bangers, TREES is about growing up, refusing to grow up, and learning to how to love yourself and those around you.

Film Series: The Philadelphia Story

1940. USA. Dir: George Cukor. With Katharine Hepburn. 112 min.

Who wouldn’t want Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart fighting over hir? Hepburn’s rigid socialite has her wedding crashed by her charmingly glib ex-husband and an impassioned journalist; they all get drunk, crack wise, and maybe learn a thing or two about love.

Tonight. 8pm. Goldsmith Family Cinema. Free.