Audition for LAUGH TRACK

A-Cast-Friend-From Keelin Ryan ’14:

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite TV show? Come audition for LAUGH TRACK! It’s an original comedy going up May 8th-10th in the ’92 Theater!

LAUGH TRACK follows the taping of one episode of a fictional multi-camera sitcom. Watch as five television stars, a stage manager, and a cue card guy fall in and out of character, lust, love, and
alcohol-induced debauchery.

Auditions: Come with something funny, like a monologue, standup, jokes, or anything else that makes you laugh. Also, show us any other skills you might have (singing, dancing, juggling, blogging, etc. (mostly blogging))! Sides will be provided if you’d like to use them.Sunday, January 26, 5-7pm
Monday, January 27, 5-7pm
Tuesday, January 28, 8-10pm (Callbacks)

All auditions will be held in the East Room in the Theater Studios.

Time: 5-7 p.m.
Place: East Room, Theater Studios

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