Memoirs of Crisis: Writing Through Trauma Info Session

writing through trauma writing handJenessa Duncombe ’14 invites you (yes, you!) to the info session for the student forum Memoirs of Crisis: Writing Through Trauma, co-taught by Duncombe and Cade Leebron ’14. Some more details:

Come learn about our student forum for spring 2014! This is the second time Cade and Jenessa have led this forum and we are excited to do it again. We will host an info session to talk about our goals for the course and answer any questions you have.

Course description:
This 1 credit course will provide a focused workshop for nonfiction trauma writing. Participants will explore the nature of trauma, and write five short pieces in response to prompts and one longer piece. Some topics to be covered include: what is trauma writing?, trauma writing vs. traumatized writing, language of trauma, and perceptions of the narrator. Short excerpts from books and essays will be assigned that relate to the topics.

DATE: Tuesday, January 28th, 5pm

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