Farm Forum Interest Meeting

From Ross Levin ’15 and Holt Akers-Campbell ’16:

Please join us this Tuesday at 7 PM in the UOC (190 High St) for an interest meeting on this semester’s farm forum. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge, actually do some farming, and have fun, this will be a great place to be. You’ll be learning from your peers and can even get academic credit in the process. Especially if you have always wanted to be more involved at Long Lane, this is a great way to start.

We meet twice each week, once inside for discussion and once outside to work at the farm. The technical basis of the course is an introduction to small-scale sustainable vegetable production, but also includes fruit, grain, livestock, and exciting new directions in farming such as no-till, permaculture, and biodynamics.

We, of course, also take a strong look at the “culture” in agriculture with a diverse set of works focusing on the back-to-the-land impulse, agroecology,social justice, food sovereignty, alternative economics, varying modes of knowledge, spirituality, and much more. We hope this will be an environment to explore the practical application of farming, as well as stretching our minds to explore, understand, and even critique the small-scale ecological farming movement. Even if you are unsure about taking the course for the entire semester, we encourage you to come to our first meeting. See you there!

Time: 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Place: University Organizing Center (UOC)

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