Student Forum Info Session: Building Resilient Landscape Systems

Manon Lefevre ’14 and Will Wiebe ’14, current title-holders for Longest Student Forum Name, write in to explain what “Building Resilient Landscape Systems: The Intersection of Deep Ecology and Sustainable Landscape Design” is all about:

By this point, you’ve probably realized that Foss Hill wasn’t always a giant lawn.

Our student forum will explore how traditional landscape design mediates our relationship with the natural environment, expressing and reinforcing our anthropocentric worldview. We will consider alternative techniques to monocultivated ecosystems through the study of plant architecture and soil ecology, philosophies of permaculture, and practical maintenance and design work on Wesleyan’s own two permaculture sites, in the WestCo Courtyard and in the Butts.

This forum will encourage a holistic approach to sustainable landscape design, and, hopefully, help you develop a hands-on appreciation for the environment you inhabit.

Date: Wednesday, January 29th
 UOC, 190 High St.

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