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The mercurial Ethan Hoffman ’14 sent in this message via winged sandal:

The Hermes – REINCARNATE! – is back from the ashes.

We’re holding first meeting of the semester on Wednesday January 29th at 8:00pm in the UOC. Stop by to learn more about the Hermes, get involved in editing or production, or even just to say hi.

The Hermes is a student-run magazine dedicated to “alternative,” “subversive,” “creative,” “radical,” and “inflammatory” pieces, whether they be reportage, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, theory, visual art, or something uncategorizable – anything that doesn’t fit into mainstream campus media coverage. WE WANT YOU.

If you are interested in contributing, we receive submissions on a rolling basis, so hit us with yer best shot. Send it to wesleyanhermes[at]gmail[dot]com or drop it off at the Hermes office on the second floor of the University Organizing Center.

You can also send us tips (to the same email address) if you want the Hermes to investigate any interesting campus incidents or goings-on.  Email us if you want to get involved in any aspect of the Hermes’ production! [WE WANT YOU.]

With Love,
the Hermes

Date: Wed. January 29th
Time: 8 PM
Place: the UOC
Caduceus: Not included

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