28 Days, 28 Ways To Save

2011 Wesleyan Campus at night

Those cuties Ari Lewenstein ’16 and Isabel Stern ’14 write in to tell you that you (yes! you!) can do it in the dark:

The days are short. The walks are cold. Do you know what you should be doing? Of course you do! You should Do It In The Dark!

For those of you who have forgotten, or who only remember bright numbers and a general sense of impending doom around campus, it’s time for another campus-wide energy saving contest! Here’s how this semester is going to work:

You have one month to save as much energy as you possibly can. Sound tough? No problem, we’ll be helping you out every step of the way. Every day of February, we’ll have one green thing for you to do. The more you do, the more you save, and the more you save, the more money we make for financial aid on campus! February is a fun month filled with romance (valentines day), prestige (presidents day) and men in spandex flying 70 feet through the air (what up olympic ski jumping), so we’ll have tons of fun saving energy together!

Oh, and did we mention there’s a prize for whoever saves the most? Just like last semester there are some great prizes for both program houses and woodframes. Dichotomy, go!

Program Houses: You can win something awesome for your house! We want to make your house a better place! Tired of your old toaster burning one side of the bread and ignoring the other? Want to get a nice dinner for your house? We’ve got you covered for anything from party speakers to a ficus plant for that corner that needs sprucing up.

Woodframes: Need a house-dinner for some bonding time? Want to do some yoga but want money for toilet paper as well? We’ve got you covered! The woodframe winner of Do It In The Dark this semester will get a $150 gift card to spend around scenic Middletown.

Remember, every dollar we save on residential energy usage (which includes everyone, from dorms to apartments to houses) goes towards financial aid. You’ve got 28 days, how much energy can you save?

Date and Time: The whole month of February
Where: All over campus
Cost: Free, and you might win $$

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