First Workday of the Year at Long Lane Farm

Hailey Sowden ’15 and her band of merry agrarians write in:


Tired of this never ending winter? Well good news!  It’s almost groundhog day and we’re pretty sure it’s spring at Long Lane Farm!  Come hang out in our balmy hoophouse (55 degrees fahrenheit!) look/eat some green things, and help repair a chicken coop so we can welcome our new feathered friends come (actual) spring.  Hot chocolate, coffee, donuts, and good company will be provided.

If you’ve never been to the farm before, now’s the perfect time!  It’s past Freeman, on the corner of Long Lane and Wadsworth.
Date: Saturday, February 1st
Time: 10am – 2pm
Place: Long Lane Farm
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One thought on “First Workday of the Year at Long Lane Farm

  1. farmingthefieldlikeyeah

    might be hard to get outta bed on a saturday morning but trust me when i say TOTALLY WORTH IT. farmy wes might just be the wes you’ve been looking for.

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