Method Mag Spring Meeting

method_magFrom Alice Lee ’14:

METHOD is BACK. We are a lifestyle, arts, and culture magazine&blog (check us out here), and we are getting ready to begin work on our annual print issue. If you are interested in doing any one of the things below:

– writing for the print issue
– writing for the blog
– interviewing
– taking photos
– drawing
– collaging
– making playlists
– doing layout
– chilling

then you should come to our Spring Meeting! If you can’t make it but are still interested in Method, email us at methodmagazine[at]gmail[dot]com, because we’d love to have your help! If you wanna chill, email Alice.

Date: Monday, February 3rd
Time: 8-9 p.m.
Place: 190 High Street, 2nd floor

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