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Submitted by the wonderful Katherine Cohen ’14, who makes some damn good soups:

A Wunderkammer (translated into English with the comparatively boring term ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’) was an encyclopedia style assortment of  interesting little objects that Renaissance and Baroque aristocrats collected. These pre-museums had no common theme, containing anything from stuffed crocodiles, to Chinese footwear, to supposed pieces of the True Cross.

In this spirit, we want to create our own Wunderkammer of the written word, an little encyclopedia of fragments and one liners, organized by subject with no attention payed to provenance, and we are seeking submissions. Please send us the best sentence (or maybe a couple of sentences, or maybe just a phrase) you ever wrote. The idea that came to you at 3 am, was scribbled down and never returned to. That one salvageable good paragraph, sentence, phrase, that you got from the wreck of your paper. The beginning of a poem you never finished. A memorably bad translation. A perfect essay title – doesn’t matter if you never wrote the essay. Send us things that make no sense. Send us things that sound good.

We’d rather you didn’t write new stuff for Wunderkammer, or edit too much. Read your old stuff. We promise treasure is already there. Please send as much as possible to wunderkammer2014[at]gmail[dot]com, by Feb 20th.

If you want to know more about the project, email me at kcohen[at]wesleyan[edu].

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