S’Mores & Scary Stories @ ADP

A dynamic duo, Mike Glasser ’16 and Colin O’Connor ’15, warn of a situation/share an invitation: Smores2

It’s 6:30PM tomorrow and you’re holed up inside your dorm room after the snow storm that has blasted Wesleyan. You ate your last 3 packs of ramen when you went on a binge last Saturday night, and you have no food. You feel cold and lonely. It doesn’t have to continue this way. Come over to Alpha Delt at 7pm tomorrow to chill, eat some s’mores, and hear (or tell) some scary stories while sitting by a warm, cozy fire, all of these courtesy of the membership. Feel free to bring your backpack and stay to study afterwards as well.

DATE: Tomorrow/Thursday, February 6th
TIME: 7-8:30, plus studying after if you want to
PLACE: Alpha Delt

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