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WeSNL Wants You to Join the Cast


Live from Middletown, CT, it’s a message from WeSNL:

Calling all actors, writers, and videomakers!

WeSNL is a brand new video sketch comedy group seeking to bring Wesleyan’s wit and humor to the interwebs! We produce weekly sketches, both on Wesleyan related issues and about funny things at large, and will also have a monthly “Weekend Update” section where we recap the past month’s most ridiculous news stories.

Table Talk with Amy Bloom


From Izzy Rode ’14:

Every Thursday beginning TODAY, FEBRUARY 6TH, Amy Bloom, Welseyan’s Kim-Frank Writer-in-Residence, will be hosting Table Talk:

All things prose. Anything you want to discuss? Translation, problems with papers, letters you can’t bring yourself to write, expressions that puzzle you, books that you can’t finish (as a reader or a writer), anything to do with the word, the sentence or the paragraph.

Please come and discuss.

(Over a cup of coffee or glass of wine)

I hope you come,
Amy Bloom

Date: Febuary 6th and every Thursday following
Time: 5pm-6pm
Place: Shapiro Center for Creative Writing (167 High Street)
Cost: 0 dollars and cents

Ian Teixeira Presents: “Birthday Party”

If it’s your very merry unbirthday, or you feel like wearing a pointed hat for no reason, Ian Teixeira ’17 has just the event for you:

A birthday party is a joyous occasion. A party celebrating two
birthdays, twice as so. Now imagine the sheer ecstasy of a room in
which it is everyone’s birthday; no one is left out because each one
of us is the birthday boy or girl or genderqueer person! 

The event will feature birthday-themed decorations, hats, streamers,
and music. There will not be a birthday cake, because cake is for
nerds,” Teixeira added.

“The most fun that’s been had on campus since the 1800’s”
-President Michael Roth

Film Series: Israeli Short Films

Approximately 66 min. total

In Wherever You Go, a Jewish woman en route to crash her estranged sister’s wedding joins up with a Bedouin woman fleeing her own. Welcome and…Our Condolences is a comedy about an immigrating family’s bureaucratic nightmare when their old aunt dies on the trip over. Speaker: David Fisher, Israeli film director.

Tonight. 8pm. Goldsmith Family Cinema. Free.

Nobunny + baby gap @ Eclectic 2/6

NOBUNNY poster

Dance yr face off with Isadora Dannin ’14:

NOBUNNY has been performing lo-fi garage punk + bubblegum power pop since 2001

On stage, NOBUNNY will probably dress and undress in a bunny mask. He may also incorporate raw meat, weaves, ball gags, firecrackers, panties, knee pads, and/or coats made of trash.

baby gap is some stupid punky pop by Olivia HauserRachel Connor, and Mia Rossi, all ’14.

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Date: Tonight, February 6th
Time: 10 pm (over at midnight; everyone turns to pumpkin)
Place: Eclectic
Cost: Nope