Ian Teixeira Presents: “Birthday Party”

If it’s your very merry unbirthday, or you feel like wearing a pointed hat for no reason, Ian Teixeira ’17 has just the event for you:

A birthday party is a joyous occasion. A party celebrating two
birthdays, twice as so. Now imagine the sheer ecstasy of a room in
which it is everyone’s birthday; no one is left out because each one
of us is the birthday boy or girl or genderqueer person! 

The event will feature birthday-themed decorations, hats, streamers,
and music. There will not be a birthday cake, because cake is for
nerds,” Teixeira added.

“The most fun that’s been had on campus since the 1800’s”
-President Michael Roth

“It’s my birthday”
-Dean Marina J Melendez

“I got my niece Playmobil for her birthday.”
-Dean Louise Brown

Date: Thursday, 2/6
Time: 10:00 to 11:45
Place: WestCo Cafe
Cost: FREE!!

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