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all drawings from Jason Katzenstein '13's blog, Literally Drawn Lyrics

drawings by Hannah Baker and Jason Katzenstein [all drawings from Katzenstein ’13’s blog, Literally Drawn Lyrics]

You may not have known but probably expected that some of our brilliant peers are killing it in the online realm. Once upon a while ago, frostedmoose did a post on some Gov professors in the blogosphere. Abrogs have gotten attention. But this doesn’t even begin to cover it. I compiled a list of some of the more well-known bloggers among us– complete with blurbs from the bloggers themselves! You’re missing some QUALITY bloggin’ if you haven’t checked these girls (see what I did there?) out:

There are currently 9 Weskids blogging for the university. Did you even know that? I didn’t. Check out tales from Cade Leebron ’14, Nicki Softness ’14, Carina Kurban ’14, Konnie Dominguez ’15, Madeleine Chabot ’15, Kate Gilpin ’15, Rina Kremer ’15, Nicole Ruiz ’16, and Aviva Hirsch ’16 HERE.


Beyond the Wes-sanctioned blogging, first there’s the long-form bloggers. You know, the WordPressers, the Blogspotters, the Weeblies, etc. Prepare yourself for thoughts and tales.

MS Life is Best Life by the openly awesome Cade Leebron ’14

My blog has the best URL on the internet and is about a) multiple sclerosis, which I have, b) being a college student with MS/a disability, c) my life in general and d) also feminism sometimes? But the readers don’t seem to like that as much. Other frequent topics: my mom, my cat, my boyfriend. I started the blog right after I got diagnosed, which was in the middle of my freshman year at Wes. It’s a good outlet for both of the kinds of writing I do (trauma writing & comedy).

Mike Overthinks Movies by cinema junkie Mike Matthews ’15

Made for the cinema junkie in you, this blog would much rather dissect a film than review it, and takes to heart the non-existent adage that a shitty movie can teach us just as much about the art as a great one. Mike Matthews is more than willing to overthink both kinds.

Coral Thinks Too Much by the kickass Coral Foxworth ’14

Hey. I’m FXWRK, otherwise known as Coral Foxworth, and I probably think too much. I’m 21 and just dropped out of Wesleyan University, where I was a super junior. I’m all about the potential my generation has to change our world, and I am dedicated to social justice and activism/paradigm bashing/consciousness raising, (although my participation currently takes the form of reading and analyzing obsessively. I plan to do something with it, just don’t know exactly what yet.) I also have a way with words and love to write about anything and everything, usually taking a critical/idealistic/cynical/optimistic approach that is as intellectual as it is emotional and personal. Authenticity of expression is dogma here at Coral Thinks Too Much. I use my background in sociology to think critically, stripping down issues to their bare bones. I’m trying to grasp ‘essence’ through writing. And I’m trying to reach out to you, personally. Welcome to my blog.

ShitSophieSays by the wonderful Sophie Riffkin ’14

It’s a glimpse of my thoughts on the world, hopefully with a sarcastic spin.

Thoughts by leader Alton Wang ’16

My blog is typically just my thoughts splattered across the pages, stuff that people typically won’t have the patience to hear me drone on about yet somehow would want to read. Most of my stuff recently has been much more geared towards topics such as social justice and racism, but I’ve also written stuff on just life in general—you know, contemplative stuff. There’s no real theme or idea behind it all, it’s really just me trying to figure things out—and I’ve realized that by writing it out, I’m able to finally nail down how I feel. I also love writing stuff that people will criticize or point out things or perspectives I wouldn’t have thought of myself—every post I’ve written I’ve learned much more from with the feedback I get.

The D.C. Darling by the one and only Emma Daniels ’13

My time abroad in Costa Rica the summer before my Junior year would surely be so unique that I would have no other choice but to share it with the WHOLE WORLD! So I did. It was called “Emma’s words on strings” Get it? I guess I thought my writing was something like puppeteering at the time (I have no clue what I was thinking). But then, something happened.  Suddenly, everything became a little bit less mundane.  I wrote about brussel sprouts, my feet, and what the end of summertime feels like.  And then the blog started moving with me, and including more and more anecdotes about the people around me, friends and strangers alike.
Now the blog is titled “The D.C. Darling-Girl in the City of Magnificent Intentions.”  I’m not sure whether the title is ironic or not.  Dickens thought this city had magnificent intentions.  Some days, I catch my intentions lagging a little bit lower than “magnificent”, so I blog, perhaps in hopes that some editor at a magazine will read it and think “Oh gosh! I could use her!”  Most recently though, my blogging has resulted in a coworker leaning over our partition board and whispering “Hey, D.C. Darling, I know everything about you now.” So, that’s pretty weird.  Aforementioned coworker just sneezed, as I wrote this, for your information.
That’s about it in a nutshell.


Then there’s the Tumblrs. In case you haven’t ventured in the tumblrsphere yet and it still confuses/terrifies you, here’s a helpful definition. Basically, Tumblr’s a microblogging site, meaning most posts are short and shared. That is, unless we’re talking Wesleying writer Gabe‘s Tumblr chronicling his take on the final season of How I Met Your Mother; woman, that guy can talk. Jokes, Gabe; some people actually bloggidy blog on tumblr. As for the most addictive, incredible tumbling I’ve ever witnessed, check out a-certain-weskid-who-couldn’t-get-to-respond-to-me‘s blog Pero Why.

A glorious sample of our out and proud WesTumblrs:

Dear Duck Weed by the too-amazing-for-this-shiz Dan Ping He ’13 

 Earnest answers for earnest questions.

Afro-Anarchy by the brilliant Mariama Eversley ’14 (who also helped write this blog post on Youngist, ICYMI):

I started my blog when I began coming into my identify as a black anarchist. Getting on tumblr for me was a rather secret outlet for me to follow the voice of the underground, especially news and views from women of color and queer women of color. I also use tumblr to surround myself with positive images that defy normative and euro-centric standards of beauty as I was transitioning to natural hair — I had a lot of transitions going on! Soon, I started reblogging and gathering the threads of knowledge into one spot. Then I started adding my own commentary, my own poems, and poof you got a blog!

Story of College Yogi by my favorite yogi Shira Engel ’14

Story of a College Yogi is a Tumblr focused on the intersection of yoga and college life. I started it during my yoga teacher training in 2011 and I have curated/written 1,067 posts since then. From this Tumblr grew an e-book Yoga U: The College Student’s Tools for Balanced Living. The blog content includes inspirational quotes, personal anecdotes, interviews with other college yogis, photos from WesBAM! classes, poetry, link roundups, and yoga sequences for everyone to do at home.


The too-talented Jason Katzenstein ’13 has not one but TWO tumblrs: LOOK AT ME! and Literally Drawn Lyrics

Tumblr is instant gratification for me, the opportunity to finish an illustration/comic/gag and immediately share it on the interwebs. I get antsy at my desk, and then I think of “Spider-Mandy Patinkin” and it’s not like I’m not going to draw that.

“Literally Drawn Lyrics” is the brainchild of Moon Boots Inc., a collection of Wes grads and current Wes students who put out a quarterly zine. LDR is still a baby right now, with its premise is in the title. Send us requests!

Yaz by the most wonderful Yatta ’14

My tumblr url is adagdag.tumblr.com. The url means nothing. I typed random letters and liked how they looked together. Tumblr is my way of keeping track of aesthetics, thoughts, ideas, and people that inspire me. It’s fun to think of reblogging as curatorial work on the internet. My blog–like my life– consists of queerthings, thought pieces, art, nostalgia, and exciting people.. I have a bad memory so tumblr is kind of like my external hard drive. It helps me remember who I am and what I believe in. I don’t know if that last statement is a joke or not.

Also, about this time last year, I created heywhatsyourscreenname.tumblr.com/. Its an ode to aol instant messenger and ichat. Submissions are still being taken.

^do sol le te by the ever so clever and cool anon ’13

Rienfleche is a tumblr I mostly use to collect items of personal interest. Many of them have changed since I started it a couple of years ago, but the blog includes explorations of radical politics (mostly anarchist, intersectional, and Marxist stuff), assorted slices of internet culture, interesting art and artists, and whatever else I find amusing or significant. I also talk a lot of shit about Wesleyan, if you’re into that.

Ask me things! No one ever does, so figured it wouldn’t hurt to put it out there.

The Internet and Me by that Izzy Rode ’14

It’s a chaotic collection of things on the internet that fascinate me/make me think. I needed some distraction and I found it in Tumblr, best-distraction-engine-ever-created. Enjoy your new addiction!


Wes Watches HIMYM by our own Gabe Rosenberg ’16

My blog is Wes Watches HIMYM. Simply enough, it’s a television blog for the final season of How I Met Your Mother, where I post reviews of every episode and talk about the show and the plot and my own personal opinions and even criticisms.
Actually, the blog came up in a sort of funny way. I work for University Communications, doing graphic design and occasionally writing for the alumni newsletter and magazine. And one of the people in the office, who is a big HIMYM fan and who I’ve talked to about the show, emailed me this summer to see if I was interested in writing a television blog about the show. Obviously I said yes, because who doesn’t want to get paid (a marginal amount) to watch TV? So the blog is VERY loosely connected with the University, which obviously is interested in giving some student love to this pop culture juggernaut that was created by, and stars, Wes alumni. And they get all sorts of Wesleyan guest stars – including Lin Manuel Miranda – to show up on this final season, to give the show a proper goodbye. That’s pretty much what I’m hoping to do with this blog: Give it a proper goodbye by showing how much the Wesleyan community connects to the show.

Deracinated by the lovely Amy Block ’13

My first and only rule of blogging is to be selfish. I don’t know who, if anyone, checks my tumblr, so I do whatever I like. It started as a way to centralize things I found interesting, mostly pictures and quotes and songs. My pace has ramped up as I’ve gotten familiar with the platform. Right now I follow around 800 other people, some of whom I’ve gotten to know through messages. 140 follow me. Most are strangers. I love that I can’t keep up with so many posts, and that the single-flow dashboard becomes a fast-flowing river of anecdotes: former marine blogging about foreign infantry units, Alaskan Catholic girl whose brother won’t stop bothering her, Croatian grad student in mathematics obsessed with fantasy television, some architect pulling old building photos from archives. Lots of gifs. I try to find strange personalities. I like art history or photography tumblrs, since I think one of the site’s greatest advantages is how visual it can be, alongside lit passages or punny jokes. Occasionally I’m reminded how many teenagers use the site when a post complaining about algebra homework gets 400,000 notes. There’s a lot of adolescent mutual support, and posts about people struggling with mental illness. People tend to use it as a public diary unless they’ve adopted a single subject.
I think I’m trying to approximate a self-portrait through my blog, in a really weird way. ‘Concinne’ is a handle I adopted in high school. It means ‘well-arranged,’ ‘fashioned with rhetorical flourish.’ How do you make something appealing, and subtle, that describes every part of life, even the ugly or boring parts? Can a website seem artful it it’s, you know, a tumblr? Microblogging helped me at Wesleyan when I was writing short stories that were supposed to fit together, and when I was assembling a photographic series. Artistic logic is loose but it exists. It’s a way for thoughts and images accumulate into meaning. I always wanted to get better at that sort of arrangement, since it’s difficult to describe, so tumblr has become my playground for stringing together things that feel really true. I don’t know how successful I am. Probably a lot of it doesn’t register for other people. I delete stuff after the fact. I would definitely recommend tumblr to people looking to refine some weird impulse, though. It’s a fun place, and there’s a lot to sift through.

It’s so unlikely that this list is exhaustive. Comment below with more fantastic student blogs. Happy reading!


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