Public Lecture on “The Arab Spring, Libya, and U.S. Policy”

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If you want to know what you’re really talking about when you talk about Libya and the Arab Spring, Aletta Brady ’15  thinks you should go to this lecture tomorrow afternoon:

Mietek Boduszynsk will give a public lecture on “The Arab Spring, Libya, and U.S. Policy” in PAC 001, on Monday February 10th at 4:15pm. Mietek Boduszynski is Assistant Professor of Politics and International Relations at Pomona College. Prior to joining Pomona, he was a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. State Department. As a diplomat, he helped develop civil society organizations in Albania, supported the Final Status process in Kosovo, promoted scientific collaboration in Tokyo, and served as the first U.S. Embassy spokesperson in Tripoli, Libya, after the 2011 revolution. At Pomona, he teaches U.S. Foreign Policy, Comparative Democratization, and a course on the Arab Spring. Mietek conducts research on whether and how Western countries can be a positive force for democratization in diverse geographical contexts. He has published a book on democratization in the Balkans and a number of articles on Balkan politics, Libya, and international justice. His most recent articles have appeared in the Journal of Democracy and the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, and he has also published commentaries in the Los Angeles Times,  Project Syndicate, and has a forthcoming op-ed on democratic decline in Turkey and Egypt in The Christian Science Monitor. His next book will analyze Western policy responses to the Arab Spring. He speaks Arabic, Japanese, Albanian, Croatian-Bosnian-Serbian, Polish, and French.

Date: February 10
Time: 4:15 pm
Place: PAC 001
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