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Apply to Creating Connections, A Networking Event

Matt Donahue ’14 writes in to share his wisdom:

Connect@Wes: Creating Connections
Creating Connections is a speed-networking event designed to help you polish and improve your networking and presentation skills and will help you put into practice much of what we discussed during our drop-in appointment. Once you apply and are accepted to the program you will be matched with Expert Advisors (recruiters, hiring managers, alumni & parents) for brief one-on-one sessions allowing you to practice your pitch and build professional relationships.

Julia’s Star Information Session

Sivan Battat ’15 brings you:

Julia’s Star is a children’s book written by Johanna Justin-Jinich. It tells a story about the injurious effects of intolerance, and how curiosity, friendship, knowledge and trust can overcome prejudice. Every spring, several Wesleyan students read the story and facilitate a discussion about difference and how to understand/appreciate diversity of others with elementary schoolers around Middletown.

This project is about talking to children in an honest and real way about prejudice and stereotyping. Diversity training is not part of Connecticut state curriculum, but we feel it is essential for students to grow up with the vocabulary to talk about prejudice, to know how to ask each other questions, and to learn to embrace and enjoy difference. This is a special project that encourages important conversation about difference while honoring the memory of Johanna Justin-Jinich by sharing the magic of her book.

Writing at Wesleyan Presents: A Reading by Author Deborah Baker


Join Sarah Chrystler ’13/GRAD, Kim-Frank Fellow in the Writing Programs, for a reading by celebrated author Deborah Baker:

Deborah Baker is the author of the acclaimed, unconventional biographical studies The Convert: A Tale of Exile and Extremism, a finalist for the 2011 National Book Award, and A Blue Hand: The Beats in India, as well as of In Extremis: The Life of Laura Riding, a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize in Biography, and Making a Farm: The Life of Robert Bly. She is a recipient of a Cullman Fellowship at the New York Public Library, and her essays have appeared in the Wall Street JournalThe Paris Review Daily, and elsewhere.

Announcing the WesStuffed Valentine’s Day Raffle

Horigontal view of pile of red tickets

Alex Irace ’15 proposes a Valentine’s Day investment:

WesStuffed is doing a huge Valentine’s Day raffle! We’re selling tickets for $1 at Usdan lunch from 11 AM–1 PM every day this week, and will also be at Espwesso selling tickets from 9–11 PM. We have over ten prizes, including $50 gift certificates to restaurants like Mondo, free ice cream, frozen yogurt, cupcakes, and more!

Date: February 11–14
Place: Selling tickets at Usdan lunch (11–1 PM) and Espwesso (9–11 PM)
Cost: $1
Facebook info here

WeSleep Matterzzz

Lizzzzzzz Weinstein ’16 cares about your zzzzzz’s

Start off the semester right in the spirit of Mindfulness Month
learning about the balance of sleep, nutrition, and exercise from Wes
alum Dr. Shelley Berson ’81. There will be FREE dinner, yoga, and
sleep-related goodies for all that attend. Feel free to invite your

When: Today February 10th  6:30-8:15pm
Where: Usdan 108
Cost: Free

Race and Citizenship in American Studies Faculty Panel

The most worldly and wonderful Hibiki Mizuno ’15 invites you to an event this afternoon. 

Come learn what American Studies can tell us about race and
citizenship with faculty panelists Joel Pfister, Amy Tang, Laura
Grappo and J. K?haulani Kauanui! Amazing Almond Cookies From Lucibellos in New Haven and Fresh Apple Cider from Lyman’s Orchards in Middlefield will sweeten the food for thought.

Panelists will explore this crucial field in both historical and
contemporary terms and discuss new research directions.
Topics include settler colonialism and the structural legacy of
slavery, Native Studies, Latin@ Studies, Asian American Studies, and
comparative work with African American Studies.

What: Race and citizenship panel sponsored by the American Studies Department and the American Studies Majors Committee
When: Today, Tuesday, 2/10 4:15-6:00pm
Where: Downey 113
Cost: Free! (and free food)

Faculty Panelist Profile after the jump:

Middletown Potluck Meeting


Ari Ebstein ’16 makes a decent argument about doing away with locked doors in communal spaces. Now he invites you to partake in community projects:

Middletown Potluck is a student group that partners with community organizations to host potluck dinners around social justice issues. This semester, based on the relations we’ve formed with various community groups in the past year, we’re trying to expand what we do outside of potlucks to assist in more community projects. To do this we need MOAR PPL, so if the prospect of helping achieve social justice in Middletown–in as minimally paternalistic a way as possible–appeals to you, then come to our meeting tonight @ 9pm, 200 Church. :)

Date: Today, February 10
Time: 9:00 – 10:00 PM
Place: 200 Church
Cost: your heart

Month of Mindfulness Continues


Katie McLaughlin ’15 brings you more mindfulness:

The Month of Mindfulness started off with a bang! If you missed the first week though, there are plenty of opportunities to be mindful this month.

Monday (2/10) from 6:30 to 8:15 in Usdan 108, there will be a sleep specialist coming to Wesleyan. This will include a FREE dinner, a talk about sleep on college campuses, yoga and sleep related goodies. Bring your friends!

Art and Open Source: A Panel Discussion (Moderated by Wesleying)


In conjunction with Evan Roth’s exhibit, Intellectual Property Donor, in the Zilkha Gallery, I (BZOD) will be moderating a panel on art and open source tomorrow afternoon. The description for the event is as follows:

Once the nearly exclusive purview of lawyers and librarians, questions of copyrights, freedom of information, and open source programming now reach into the lives of everyone. From the knock-off Prada bag, to the distribution of music, to question of privacy that could impact national security–all of these issues and more come to the fore with currently available technologies. Previously accepted precepts and practices are being challenged from all sides. Moderated by students from the blog [ME!], this panel of Wesleyan faculty and students will explore these engaging issues with audience participation invited.

The panel will include Assistant Professor of Sociology Greg GoldbergDean of Social Studies Joyce JacobsenMax Dietz ’16Isabella Litke ’12, and Music Librarian Alec McLane. Each panelist will speak for five minutes on an open source issue related to their interests, and then I will ask questions to the panel or take questions from the audience. Come! It’ll be fun.

Date: Tuesday, February 11
Time: 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Place: Zilkha 106 (turn right when you enter the lobby of Zilkha Gallery)