Julia’s Star Information Session

Sivan Battat ’15 brings you:

Julia’s Star is a children’s book written by Johanna Justin-Jinich. It tells a story about the injurious effects of intolerance, and how curiosity, friendship, knowledge and trust can overcome prejudice. Every spring, several Wesleyan students read the story and facilitate a discussion about difference and how to understand/appreciate diversity of others with elementary schoolers around Middletown.

This project is about talking to children in an honest and real way about prejudice and stereotyping. Diversity training is not part of Connecticut state curriculum, but we feel it is essential for students to grow up with the vocabulary to talk about prejudice, to know how to ask each other questions, and to learn to embrace and enjoy difference. This is a special project that encourages important conversation about difference while honoring the memory of Johanna Justin-Jinich by sharing the magic of her book.

We are growing each year with the help of OCS and we would love you to be involved! If you think you may be interested in the project or in diversity training, please drop into one of our information sessions.

Hope to see you there! Contact sbattat[at]wesleyan[dot]edu with any questions or check this out for more info on the book.

When: Tuesday, February 11, 12pm-1pm; Wednesday, February 12, 4:00pm-5:30 pm; and Friday, February 14, 12pm-1pm
Where: Usdan Multipurpose Room (basement of Usdan)

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