Working for Intelligent Landscape Design at Wesleyan


Manon Lefèvre ’14 has some more green goddess goodness up her sleeves

You might have heard of WILD Wes, seen the wild glory of the WestCo Courtyard, or had the chance to run up the newly hand-built staircase leading up to Summerfields. Did you know that students did all that?? WILD Wes is a student group that re-envisions the way we interact with our campus landscape, working to design and build more beautiful, productive, engaging gardens that transform our often neglected campus spaces into unifying places.

Over the next few months, we are planning a major collaborative design of the Butts terraces and furthering our design of the WestCo Courtyard to build a kick-ass social space filled with a ton of amazing plants. Plus, we’re organizing lectures, movies, and all kinds of fun events. And we’re looking for people interested in permaculture, plants, landscape design, and learning something new to join us in our efforts! If you think you want to have a hand in re-connecting with our campus landscape, come to our new meeting time – Wednesdays at 8pm at the University Organizing Center!

Place: University Organizing Center (190 High)
Date: Wednesdays at 8pm

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