A Safe and Sexy PSA

It’s Friday/Valentine’s Day! You know what that means? Time to get that sweet sweet consensual lovin’ on! (Though let’s be fair, it should always be that time). We wanted to take this time to remind everyone about access to protection on campus, so we asked Willa Beckman ’15who works for WesWell, a few questions:

Students can get condoms for free on campus?? What’s the deal with that?

Yes!  Students can get SO MANY CONDOMS FOR FREE ON CAMPUS.  We have a whole wall of condoms in the WesWell office at Davison Health Center.  Come by and grab some!  Also, if you work for reslife, you should come pick up one of our pre-made goodie bags to keep your residents protected all the time!

What condoms do you order? And why those ones? What’s the selection process like?

We order a wide variety of condoms including One Pleasure Dome, One Classic, One Studded Sensations, Atlas True Fit, Atlas Ultra Thin, Kimono Max, Trustex Color, Lifestyles Ultra Lubricated, Lifestyles Extra Strength, Trojan Magnum, Trojan ENZ, and Lifestyles Polyisoprene SKYN.

We know that condoms are more likely to be used if people feel comfortable with them and like the product.  Providing a wide variety of products allows users to find the ones they like best.  WesWell also has a safer sex supply guide (which is right next to the supplies) that goes over each product in detail so that students can make informed decisions about what they are picking out and potentially trying.

We also make sure to carry latex and non-latex products, water based and silicone lubes, and glycerin free safer sex supplies.

Which ones run out the fastest/are the most popular?

For external condoms, the Trojans go the fastest.  For the most part this is due to Trojan’s marketing and the fact that they’re a popular brand name.  Research shows that it isn’t a “better” condom in any way.  But as far as WesWell is concerned, any safer sex supply you are actually going to use is the best one.  So if you are more likely to use a condom because the package says Trojan, that’s fine by us.  We’ll keep them in stock.  But we also always make sure to keep a variety because not everybody likes the most popular ones (#hipstercondoms #thisiswhy).

What’s the most “intriguing” type?

The most “intriguing” type is subjective – it totally depends on what each person is used to or into!  What might be most intriguing for me might not be most intriguing to you… but why not grab a handful of each type and ask the next person or people you’re with which seems the most intriguing to them?!  (And then use it.)

And there’s lube too? Please tell.

Yes!  So much lube!  And female condoms!  And dental dams!  Some are flavored!

So head on over to the health center and pick up some protection!

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