The College Bubble: A Higher Ed Round-Up

In the growing movement of campus fossil fuel divestment campaigns, not everyone is on board. James Lawrence Powell has written a piece on why rejection of such policies is so problematic, inspired by recent dismissals of divestment action from the presidents of Brown and Harvard.

It’s a good thing we’re not our grandchildren. A new study by Hamilton Place Strategies says that the cost of college won’t be worth it by the year 2086. The New York Times continues the debate over the value of college in a recent editorial. This piece looks at the issue from a quantitative perspective, attempting to debunk the idea that getting more people to earn college degrees will fix our problems with minor job growth and low wages. So what is the solution? And how can colleges play an active role in this economic endeavor?

A team of reporters for Mother Jones investigates just how much for-profit universities rip off students for practically meaningless degrees. So how different are “regular” universities from places like ITT?

The Nation’s StudentNation Blog has a wonderful piece on current student activism throughout the nation. Especially significant is a prison divestment campaign that has kicked off at Columbia in the past few weeks.

Sexual assault cases aren’t just a problem because of campus culture, they are made worse by poor management by the administration. A recent article in the Huffington Post explores how bad note-taking by campus authorities has compromised various sexual assault investigations across the country. To get at the root of the problem, many universities have begun bystander intervention programs, exploring new methods for preventing sexual assault.

And at Wellesley, the recent installation of a statue of a life-like naked man has been causing shock, perhaps more from the media than actual students. But maybe you already heard about this from your friend who asked you about it, cause they think you go to Wellesley.

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