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Feet to the Fire Meeting


From Becca “likes-the-fresh-food” Wilton ’15:

Feet to the Fire, an initiative focused on bringing awareness to environmental issues through art, is taking a new direction beginning this semester. Formerly involved in things like First Year Matters (all those readings you had to do for orientation freshman year) and structured around a committee that met quarterly, we are moving to a more open, inclusive format.

Feet to the Fire is now being reimagined to use the arts as a catalyst to both raise awareness and engage our campus and community more deeply in sustainability issues. We are looking to support creative projects on campus and in Middletown that are interactive and informative. Some ideas that have already been proposed include:
– bench pressing the average person’s food waste
– a “knit-in” to make warm things to use less heating
– a live feed or time lapse video of crops growing in the hoop house on Long Lane shown in Usdan

Lunar New Year Celebration


Via Qianyu Wang ’15:

Come celebrate Lunar New Year! Even though the holiday has already passed, the Wesleyan community still hasn’t had a chance to properly celebrate! The show will feature awesome cultural performances and delicious home-cooked food. Be sure to not miss out on this fun event!

Tickets are being sold at Usdan during lunch and dinner Monday, 2/17, through Friday, 2/21. They’re $5 in advance and $6 at the door. Come one, come all!

Date: Friday, Feb 21st
Time: 6PM to 8PM
Place: Beckham Hall
Cost: $5 in advance / $6 at the door
Link: Facebook

Outhouse Presents: What to Pack for Your Backpacking Trip


We may have received our ten billionth parking ban and snow advisory warning, but it will (probably) get warm soon and you might want to go backpacking. Maybe you even want to backpack in the snow. If so, Mike Baratz ’15 wants you to get your snowy self over to Outhouse tonight to learn how to backpack-pack.

Ehrhard Konnerding and Brian Glenn, two very experienced hikers and Wes faculty will give a lighthearted presentation, at 8:30 PM in Outhouse, focused on what to pack for your backpacking trip, and how to do it.