In the Name of All that is Cheese Sandwiches


The Whey Station, arguably the most popular food truck on campus (who wants to tally between Whey and Falafel?) needs your help. If you’ve ever stumbled down Williams St on a weekend night looking for some cheesy comfort [gourmet] food, you should consider helping them out.

Whey Station is run by Josh and Jillian Moskites, who are husband and wife and went to college together (aw). They both love cheese and have spent over a decade in the gourmet cheese industry, which led them to the food truck business. Now they’d like help renovating their truck.

The great thing about Kickstarter is that donating gets you cool prizes; and the Whey Station promises to deliver, with MORE WHEY STATION. A $20 pledge gets you a Whey Station sticker (ya!), a sandwich, a cup of soup, and a drink. A $60 pledge gets you a *catered grilled cheese party.* The highest pledge (of $5000…) gets you a private party for 150 people, when the Whey Station will show up to your house and feed everyone.

Look how much they like Wesleyan:


There are 13 days left, and as of this post, Whey Station has raised $1,605 of their $10,000 goal. Follow the truck’s whereabouts and specials here and here. Donate here.

p.s. Wesleying has a strict policy about not posting Kickstarters but we’re making an exception here because way too many Wes kids get late night foodz from Whey Station for us not to. Please don’t send e-mails asking us to post about your baby cousin’s new album’s Kickstarter/Indiegogo.

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