The 48 Hour Magazine & Band Project begins on Friday


Every few semesters, a group of students gathers to test the controversial theory that the best way to make a great magazine is lightning-speed, in a frenzied, weekend-long test of physical and mental stamina. So far we’ve never been wrong.

Beginning at noon on Friday, February 21, we are going to write, edit, design, and publish a magazine within a self-imposed forty-eight hour time constraint. The magazine will revolve around a very broad and inclusive theme that will be announced at the start of the 48 hour period. The more people who help, the merrier! If you’ve never done anything like this, even better. We only have 96 total hours of experience ourselves. By noon on Sunday, February 23, we’ll all be exhaustedly patting one another on the back: the magazine will be finished.

Interested in helping with Volume III? We are seeking people to submit work, create new and interesting things, help sort through submissions, edit pieces, design the website, design the print publication, create illustrations, etc. This is a collaborative project, and all are welcome to contribute.

And, new this year, we’re running a corollary 48 Hour Band Project, info about which is available here. Interested musicians, please send us your info ASAP.

For a full schedule of events, see below.

Friday Feb 21

12PM EST: Theme is announced; band project groups announced; submissions begin to arrive.

12PM-8PM: Magazine representatives solicit on-the-spot submissions in Usdan.

11:59PM: Submissions close. Magazine team convenes in Shapiro Writing Center to review submissions and select content.

Saturday Feb 22

9AM: Editing and print design teams meet to begin editing pieces, designing print templates, etc. Illustrators begin illustrating.

3PM: Layout begins.

8PM: Copy editing begins. Web team convenes to begin putting content online.

Sunday Feb 23

8AM: Layout finalized, last minute editing and corrections.

10AM: Video submissions due.

12PM: MAGAZINE FINISHED and sent off to the printer.

4:30–6PM: Band Project concert at Eclectic.


Interested? Please write 48hourmag[at]gmail[dot]com.


For past mags see:

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